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Giorik SEHG101WT 10 Tray GAS Combi Oven

Giorik Commercial Combi Ovens and Salamanders

Giorik SEHG101WT 10 Tray GAS "SteamBox" Combi Oven

An ingenious patented system from Giorik makes it possible for STEAMBOX EVOLUTION ovens to generate steam in two different and complementary ways. These combine the quality of boiler-generated steam with the speed and economy of steam generated in INSTANT mode. The oven offering consists of 4 sets of models that range in type of controls and steam generating system.

  • Available in multiple ovens capacity sizes
  • Highly efficient boiler unit that reduces time as well as water & energy consumption
  • Steam Tuner (patented) for optimum results by controlling the Quantity & Quality of steam saturation
  • Symbiotic Steam (patented) system combines Boiler Integration with High Efficiency Steam Generator to provide unique
  • precise and continuous moisture control
  • Meteo System (patented) for precise humidity control in the cooking chamber
  • Large 9” innovative touchscreen interface
  • Tablet cleaning for convenience or liquid detergent dispenser installed if preferred
  • Easy Service function that enable different dishes to be cooked to various levels at the same time
  • Over 120 pre-set cooking programs with the possibility of 1000+ additional programs to be stored with up to 9 phases per program
  • Recipe Tuner interface makes it possible to modify and personalise various programs
  • Automatic / multi-level / regeneration / sous vide / overnight cooking and smoking programs
  • 6 speed Inverter controlled fans
  • LED lighting for superior cavity illumination
  • Wi-Fi for live service monitoring & assistance of the unit through the Giorik / Stoddart Cloud*
  • Supplied with multi-point core temperature probe with hand shower as well as drain kit and advanced scale reduction filter
  • Unit complete with upright mobile trolley - 65mm pitch runners
  • Left hand hinge door option available
  • 24-month warranty, extendable to 48 months with registration

*Will be live at a later date

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  • 863mmW x 855d x 1161H
  • 230V/1.5
  • 178kg