About: Our Process

We will guide you every step of the way to your dream kitchen


We will help you create a kitchen that will adapt to your needs.

The inseparable connection between client, entrepreneurs, architects, designers, builders, shopfitters and Advantage Commercial Kitchens has been the source of our inspiration for over 20 years. It has driven our professionalism, commitment and passion. We pride ourselves on offering the best solution, highest quality and value possible, with no compromise to the level of attention we give to your project.

The guess work in your planning is now a thing of the past with the latest 3D visualisation software. Every decision you make, and how it affects workflow and work space, can be seen in 3D, like walking into a completed project. Any design change, any what-if scenario, and its effect on the whole project – in terms of time, cost and space optimisation – can be captured in an instant.

Product experts

Our team of product experts will help guide you to your desired results.

Advantage’s team of senior project managers are much more than project managers; they are highly regarded specialists in the industry and they’re passionate about what matters - logistics, time management and quality control; with the most demanding of technical specs, faithful to industry standards and able to meet the most demanding deadlines. Whatever the size and nature of your project, our project leaders will keep it moving towards its milestones, turning your plans and drawings into reality, keeping the promises you make to your clients and the ones we make to you.


Manufacturing that works for you.

With our own manufacturing facility, every option can have its moment. The range is impressive and everything can be customised to suit your needs. Custom made display units and kitchen larders, full canopy extraction systems to wall panelling, and of course benches and shelving are made to suit your taste, budget and specs.

Our custom made display units offer cabinets you can make your own; glass or solid doors, customised to measure with your choice of refrigerated, heated or ambient units, or a combination unit to suit your needs.

The vision is yours ; the design is yours. We’re here to maximise its value for you and your clients, through our rich, functional knowledge, enhanced with technology, experience and the passion of true specialists.

Whatever the requirements are, we can build it for you.


Your valuable investment, delivered, installed and commissioned as planned.

Delivery of your precious equipment is in safe, responsible hands. With a fleet of specialised delivery vehicles and specially trained staff, you can be sure that the equipment will be moved into place, safely, on-time, and co-ordinated with trades to meet your project milestones.


Making sure everything goes to plan is top of our priorities – with no packaging left behind.

With 30 years of in-house installations, our team of delivery drivers, installers and project managers are trained and experienced at making sure everything goes to plan. We will project manage installation and fit-out, creating an individual solution tailored to your operations, ensuring quality installations to your time specifications.

Follow up

We never leave a site untidy.

This we all know to be true: The reputation of your client is made in the kitchen. As is ours.

The only thing left is customer satisfaction.