Josper Charcoal Oven Demonstration

Past Josper Charcoal Oven Demonstration

Event: Josper Charcoal Oven Demonstration

  • Thursday, 18 Jul 2019
  • 87 Moreland Street, Footscray 2 - View Map


Josper Ovens are an elegant combination of a grill and charcoal oven in a single unit. It's used by over 23,000 hospitality venues across 70 countries.

Key Features:

  • 100% Charcoal – works purely by burning charcoal
  • 40% lower charcoal consumption than an open grill
  • 35% Faster – significantly faster than an open grill,
  • Oven and Grill Dual Function – grill and roast foods
  • Optimal Results – High operating temperatures and varying grilling levels gives you control and exceptional grilling quality, creating unique textures and juiciness in all dishes
  • Easy to use and easy to clean with ash stored in a case in the sealed cabinet below the oven.

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