Commercial pie and food warmers make an excellent addition to countertop appliances and allow you keep pastries and other food items at the correct serving temperature. Our models are sturdy, stainless steel-constructed units with features such as sliding doors, removable drawers and glass panels.

Our glass exterior models are equipped with toughened safety glass, making them the ideal choice when you want to display your pie and food warmers. These units can be placed on either front or rear counters, with access optional from one or both sides. Attractive, modern display equipment can help you achieve a better turnover and larger profits.

If you are also looking for food display cabinets, you are sure to find the ones that suit your restaurant, café, bar or store from the large variety we carry at Advantage Commercial Kitchens. Whether you are looking to showcase cold or hot food items, deli /category/, ice cream or cakes, we have the right display cabinets for your own needs. We are proud to feature countertop, freestanding and custom displays with glass fronts, designed and manufactured by leading industry brands such as Roband, Skope and Culinaire.