Advantage Commercial Kitchens offers a variety of stylish commercial drink mixers, ideal for making thick shakes, frappes, milkshakes and cocktails. Available in several assorted colours, our modern milkshake mixers are easy to operate and clean. The efficient, hands-free operation of the units allows you to prepare delicious drinks within seconds of pouring the ingredients into the mixing cup.

For additional drink-making options, check out our suggestions for coffee machines and grinders and commercial juicers.

We provide high-quality, durable commercial countertop cooking equipment to our customers, designed by world-renowned companies that specialise in the food production sector. Whether you are operating a busy restaurant, pizzeria, school cafeteria or an ice cream shop, we have the equipment you need for every step of the food preparation process from beginning to end. Start upgrading your commercial kitchen with professionally-made, efficient, high-quality stainless steel appliances today!