Keep your kitchen fresh and cool with our commercial fridges, freezers and refrigeration units. Our underbench fridges and freezers provide ease of access within reach of your countertop work surface, and they are available in a variety of sizes and capacities. Our larger-capacity units start with traditional, commercial upright fridges and freezers and extend to cool rooms and freezer rooms and custom refrigeration.

For specialised refrigeration needs, we stock the latest in ice machines as well as blast chillers and freezers, glass chillers, and ice cream freezers from reputable brands. If you display cold food and drinks for sale, check out our eye-catching merchandising refrigerated units. Our sandwich bars, salad bars, pizza bars and larder fridges offer practicality and efficiency whilst being suitable for both preparation and display.

To find the refrigeration equipment and other commercial cooking equipment that is optimal for your establishment, visit our website or drop by our Docklands or Dandenong showrooms and demonstration kitchens today.

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