Advantage Commercial Kitchens offers a comprehensive range of commercial-capacity refrigerator and freezer units. Our line includes heavy-duty, high-output ice crushers and shavers that are available in several different models.

These efficient countertop units produce both fine and coarse-crushed ice quickly, making them ideal for preparing cocktails and frozen drinks, as well as for food items that are served on a bed of ice. These ice crushers would make an excellent addition to your other stainless steel countertop appliances.

In addition to ice crushers, we also offer a variety of ice cream-making machines, as well as commercial-capacity refrigeration units. Our underbench fridges and freezers, available in various sizes and capacities, provide handy access within easy reach of your countertop work surface. Our larger-capacity units, meanwhile, start with traditional commercial upright refrigerators and extend to cool rooms and freezer rooms.