Treat your customers to delicious, steaming hot dogs with Roband hot dog and bun warmers. These efficient countertop appliances are manufactured with high-quality stainless steel, and they are available with 6 spikes, 3 spikes or no spikes, as well as with or without a steam tank. The see-through glass tank allows you to showcase the hot dogs for maximum appeal, and the optional spikes heat the buns to a perfect temperature for consumption.

Durable commercial kitchen equipment manufactured by Roband lets you design your professional kitchen with quality and style. Our countertop cooking equipment adds an extra level of flexibility and convenience, perfect for processes that require less production.

Take a look at our comprehensive range of commercial countertop equipment to find the warmer that best suits the needs of your establishment. We work with reputable industry leaders who have decades of experience in the commercial food production sector to offer the best equipment to our customers. Let us at Advantage Commercial Kitchen help you transform your dream of a modern, optimally-operating kitchen into a reality!