Advantage Commercial Kitchens offers griddle plates in smaller bench-top models, as well as free-standing ones with leg stands, cabinet bases or refrigerated bases. These multi-functional griddles would make an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen. We offer griddle plates from top-industry brands Blue Seal Evolution Series and Waldorf 800 Series, with both electric and gas powered options available.

Griddle plates are perfectly suited to use in industrial capacity kitchens. They are highly versatile and adaptable to cooking assorted /category/, including sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, eggs, and much more. The broad, flat surface is easy to use and clean, and the heavy-duty stainless steel surface is optimal for use in high-volume environments.

You have the opportunity to equip your kitchen with the best commercial cooking equipment, refrigeration and dishwashing systems on the market when you shop with us. Give us a call today or visit one of our show kitchens in person to discuss the best options for your requirements.

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