If your establishment offers catering, banquets or buffet serving, we have the perfect options for you to deliver and distribute food while keeping the food items at the right temperature for safe consumption.

Advantage Kitchens Roband, Culinaire and Versigen food bar and bain marie trolleys are easy to assemble and provide versatility. Mobile banquet trolleys provide temperature and humidity regulation and circulation of heat. Meanwhile our buffet warming plates by Versigen allow you to place any type or shape of heatproof dish onto the hot top to distribute even temperature across the entire surface area. With very low power consumption and rapid heat-up time, these warming plates will keep your hot food items at exactly the right temperature for buffet service. We also stock bain marie hot cupboards which are available in 3 to 8 module units and feature optional overhead heat lamps to conveniently illuminate the product you are serving.

Call or visit our Docklands or Dandenong showrooms today to find the best quality trolleys in order to cater to your individual wants and needs.