Discover the convenience and efficiency of countertop ductless filter hoods, designed by Woodson to work with countertop cooking equipment specifically, by easily slipping over appliances. Our filter hoods are suitable for gas and electric appliances and include fluorescent lighting and variable speed fans. The stainless steel construction will fit in any professional kitchen setting and work seamlessly with your other commercial countertop equipment, such as toasters and grills, fryers and hot plates.

This innovative product is designed with safety, efficiency and reliability in mind, with filters that are easily removable for simple cleaning. If you like our filter hoods, be sure to also browse our line of large professional exhaust hoods that are essential for the commercial food production sector. Advantage Commercial Kitchens supplies powerful and energy-efficient systems in the form of exhaust canopy hoods, ventilated ceilings, and custom-designed exhaust canopies.