Add a high-quality commercial countertop toaster or grill to your kitchen for high-volume production of toasted bread. Our models include horizontal, vertical, and conveyor-type placement options for bread slices. These convenient, efficient appliances are supplied by commercial food production industry leaders such as Roband, Birko and Woodson.

Our highly-efficient toaster grills produce quick results with even heat distribution and time-controlled operations. They are ideal for use in bars, cafés and restaurants that need to grill or toast ingredients like cheese and other toppings. Exceptional heat retention allows you to efficiently keep food items warm even after the appliance has been turned off. In addition, the stainless steel body and removable crumb tray are easy to clean.

At Advantage Commercial Kitchens, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering fantastic-quality, reliable and cost-effective commercial cooking equipment to our clients. For full-size cooking appliances, have a look at our suggestions for combi ovens, cooktops, oven ranges and griddles.