We are pleased to present technologically innovative clam grills, designed and manufactured by Taylor United Technologies – a worldwide industry leader in the foodservice equipment industry. With built in, intuitive software and touchscreen controls, our clam grills are programmable and allow effortless operation and controllable cooking times and temperatures. Our clam grills are available in models with one to three cooking zones, each of which is independently controlled, allowing you to prepare assorted items on the same grill.

You can now grill your menu items easier and faster with the new line up of clam grills from Taylor. Take your burger shop to the next level. Visit one of our show kitchens today to view our heavy-duty appliances perfected by customer-driven innovation.

To see our other grilling options, look through our collections of char grills and barbecues and charcoal ovens. Advantage Commercial Kitchens offers affordable finance solutions, and we are happy to provide a quote and work with you on fulfilling all your commercial kitchen needs.