Chip dumps are an excellent choice to keep French fries or other small fried items at the right temperature until they are ready to be served. Our stainless steel equipment is designed for easy cleaning, high capacity use and long life. In addition, these units feature an overhead heat lamp, a removable crumb pan and a perforated stainless steel insert that is sloped for scooping out remaining items.

Besides the larger capacity, floor based dump stations, we also offer countertop chip warmers, designed for robust and reliable performance. These chip warmers include top and bottom heating elements and their interiors are easy to clean to remove grease and fat. This appliance will ensure that your cooked food’s taste and appearance are perfectly maintained, and it is an ideal choice for fast food operators.

Be sure to have a look at our commercial deep fryers and other cooking equipment, too, as you search for and discover the appliances that best fit your own menu.