If you have a catering company or are just looking to put on an event with buffet-style food service, our hot food display cabinets by Bain Maries are just what you need.

Available in 3-8 module units, these hot food display cabinets are designed to be installed into a cutout in a new or existing bench top, allowing for simple and inexpensive installation. In addition to flexible storage options, each unit also comes with an adjustable digital temperature controller, allowing foods to be held between +65°C to +90°C. Not only that, but each unit is also capable of wet or dry operation.

If you want to get really fancy, there are even units that come with overhead heated gantry, full fitted and wired, or double overhead gantry that comes with heat lamps on both the top and bottom levels of the unit to keep everything warm and fresh as long as possible. The overhead heat lamps are fully adjustable via a solid-state voltage controller for accurate temperature selection.

Our Bain Maries hot food display cabinets are the perfect buffet-style units to fit as few or as many options as needed while providing constant and consistent overhead heating!