Whereas you might be restricted by heated or refrigerated-specific units, our ambient displays provide you with all the versatility you could possibly need! Available in four widths – 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm – the ambient display cabinets provide you with more than enough space for food storage. Each unit is temperature-controlled, meaning your food stays fresher for longer. The units also feature toughened, mitred front glass, meaning your food will stay protected yet provide maximum visibility so that each of your /category/ can be seen by customers.

The adjustable digital temperature control feature with a digital control panel allows food to be held between +18°C to +20°C in a maximum of 32°C ambient temperatures. Not only that, but each unit also has self-contained refrigeration with built-in evaporator burn off trays.

Tempered side glass, lift-down opening, upper glass structures with single tempered front glass, and plexiglass sliding doors adorn each unit, giving our ambient display cabinets a modern look as well as modern convenience. Grey, galvanized-steel frame support means your unit will be solid as a rock.

Like all of our displays, our ambient display cabinets provide quality, durability and versatility, giving you a myriad of options to fit each and every one of your needs!