The use of a Tecnomac Blast Chiller is about so much more than HACCP compliance and data recording. It is about understanding the chefs’ dedication to selecting the right ingredients and then perfectly preparing and cooking their food. When food is prepared with care and pride, that same philosophy needs to be applied to the chilling phase to ensure the flavour, texture, colour and nutrients the chef has nurtured during cooking is best preserved.

Tecnomac are best placed to understand the cooking production capacities and care required to best preserve food as we are experts in the hot kitchen. Although often misunderstood, Blast Chilling has little to do with other refrigerated storage or how big a coolroom might be.

Tecnomac units are designed to preserve the quality and organisation of food creation in restaurants, hotels, patisseries, bakeries, ice cream shops, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and production kitchens.

Great power, versatility and reliability are the most evident features of the Tecnomac blast chiller-freezers. Thousands of operators all over the world are already successfully using Tecnomac blast chiller-freezers, thus improving their work, leaving more time for creativity and many ways to SAVE money.

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