Generation after generation of ice cream shops have served America’s favourite treat with Taylor® equipment. Since 1926, we’ve been delivering consistent product quality and reliability to ice cream shops around the world. And today, you can still count on the Taylor Company and your trusted local Taylor Company distributor for your ice cream equipment needs.

From a variety of rich and delicious traditional hand-dipped ice cream favourites to a selection of on-trend, wholesome frozen yogurts, you can maximize sales opportunities with a Taylor frozen dessert machine. A Taylor batch freezer will help you create authentic and flavourful artisan frozen desserts like gelatos and sorbets with exceptionally smooth texture and appearance.

And that’s just the beginning. With the Taylor Company, you can always expect support that’s above and beyond. From our industry leading innovations and customer focus service, to the business-building insights to keep your operation profitable and growing, your local Taylor distributor will help keep your smiling customers coming back for more.

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