Advantage Commercial Kitchens is a provider of Rational combi-steamer ovens, the number one selling commercial ovens available today. As the inventors of the Combi-Steamer Ovens over 40 years ago, Rational aim to provide the best tools to chefs all over the world when it comes to preparing hot food.

They have three ranges to choose from:

The CombiMasterPlus which is easy to operate and offers functions that ensure high quality food every time and replaces up to 50% of all conventional cooking appliances.

The SelfCookingCenter comes with iCookingControl and is equipped with 5 senses, allowing it to program the ideal cooking cabinet conditions, recognises the size and quantity of food, thinks ahead and knows how a dish is best cooked, learns which habits a chef prefers and even communicates with them.

And last but not least The VarioCookingCentre is perfect for boiling, frying, and deep-frying, with 40 % less electricity consumption than other unites on the market and can be used anywhere from a table to work surface, on the central range or even integrated into an island suite